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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

One year old today!

I just noticed that this blog has been in operation for exactly a year today, so perhaps I should give myself a pat on the back, haha.

I can't say that I've treated this blog very well as I have neglected it at the best of times when I had nothing much to comment on spiritual issues. Hopefully now that I've recently experienced a bit of a revival (in regards to the recent Vedanta postings and other tidbits) then I'll be presenting the fruit of my thoughts here. A bright future!

Just one question: Where's my cake? ;-)

On the other hand I learnt that one of my friends is selling his collection of Advaita dasji's books, 5 in all. The offer was too good to be true so I snapped it up immediately. I should be expecting them to arrive perhaps by next weekend, give or take a couple of days. Woo hoo! So perhaps I'll get a bit of rasik joy to challenge the recent Vedanta cerebralist inclinations!

But actually I am even more convinced that Vedanta (especially as elucidated by our dear Sri Baladeva) is not cerebral at all. Today I was reading the section about how the form of the Lord cannot be seen. In the next sutra after that, it is described how the form of the Lord can be seen by those whom He wills. The commentary is a beautiful and vivid exposition about how the form of the Lord does not necessarily have to be seen within the mind, but if the Lord wills it, you shall be able to see Him with your own two eyes just as you an see anybody and anything else. The eyes have to be coated with love for Him. I sighed heavily after reading that. Unbelievable that such things are discussed and concluded as a matter of Vedantic certainty.



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