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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Vaishnava relations

This is a photo of Pran Krishna das Babaji of Radhakunda (far right) with Govinda Gopal Gosvami on his lap. The little girl is Alankrita Gosvamini. They are the children of Prabhupada Prem Gopal Gosvami, a 14th-generation descendant of Sripada Nityananda Prabhu. I like this photo, it's nice to see the relation between the Vaishnavas of Radhakunda and Navadvipa. I have been told by a disciple of Pran Krishna das Baba that he has a special love for the members of this Gosvami family because he himself is diksita of Prabhupada Yadu Gopal Gosvami (grandfather of Prem Prabhu, 12-generation descendant of Nityananda Prabhu).

Govinda Gopal is now growing into a very handsome boy as this photo shows:

He is being garlanded by a female disciple of Sri Madan Gopal Gosvami (Govinda Gopal's grandfather, 13-generation descendant of Nityananda Prabhu) on some occasion. Alankrita is there on the right.



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