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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Performance of worldly duties

markaTa-vairAgya nA kara loka dekhAñA
yathA-yogya viSaya bhuñja' anAsakta hañA

Do not display artificial renunciation to the people.
For now, enjoy material things without attachment as is befitting.

antare niSThA kara, bAhye loka-vyavahAra
acirAt kRSNa tomAya karibe uddhAra

Be strong in faith internally and act ordinary outwardly,
and very soon Krsna will uplift you [from that situation].
(CC 2.16.238-239)

This was in response to a devotee's query on GD about how to live life in the world, how do we as devotees handle them , and whether we should even bother with such duties when they are possible hindrances to the uninterrupted contemplation of Sri Sri Yugal-Kishor.

I was heartened to know the reply of Mahaprabhu. Personally I would love the idea of giving up everything and going to Radha-kunda or Navadvipa. I feel that I have been possessed by the renunciant attitude ever since age 15, but if I am truly honest with myself, my renunciation would have been 'markata-vairagya'. I am definitely very far from the ideal standard as exemplified by Sri Sri Rupa-Raghunatha, but I hope to follow in their footsteps one day. In any case, it is heartening to know that Sriman Mahaprabhu does not force a sadhaka to follow a specific path. It is heartening to see that Mahaprabhu understands our plight and advises us to "carry on", yet still showing us a trick by how we can gain release from such a situation.

Also there are more hints and tips from Mahaprabhu on how to live a nice gRhastha life. I spotted some of these reference in the last part of Sri Bhaktivinoda's 'Bhaktyaloka' book. Nice tips for wannabe babajis too.


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