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Monday, January 02, 2006

Madhava's extension

Looks like Madhava is staying in Vrindavan for a little while longer. How fortunate for him! He was supposed to come back to Finland around New Year, and I wondered why there had been no sign of him by email or his presence on GD.

Turns out that he had a few travel mishaps and finally missed the check-in for the flight. All in all, he's now back at Vrindavan for some more time, and so he can happily continue his blessed bhajan there. What a great way for Svamini to show Her mercy on him and Malati!

I am simultaneously happy and sad about it; happy for him but sad that we'll be deprived of his instantaneous company online. But oh well, bhajan is the most important thing and he will segetting plenty of that! :D


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