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Thursday, August 31, 2006

On the other hand...

Various places in the Gaudiya shastras state quite emphatically that nari-sanga is strictly forbidden even in dreams.

dekhi' trāsa upajila saba bhakta-gaṇe
svapne-ha chāḍila sabe strī-sambhāṣaṇe

Observing thus, an atmosphere of fear grew among the
devotees. They gave up talking with women even in dreams.
(CC 3.2.144)

This verse relates to the story of Chota Haridasa; the bhaktas became so fearful of Mahaprabhu's strict treatment of Chota Haridas that they completely gave up talking and dealing with women. It is indeed a very dangrous thing. One should read the full story of Chota Haridasa as contained in CC, it is much better than reading summaries in books as there are a lot of details and insights to be gained.


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