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Monday, September 04, 2006

Ohhhhhhh, not again!

As I was busy doing seva by way of serving the prasad today, one of my friends came up to receive a puri and he asked me if I had been to India this year. When I said no, he asked if I would like to join him and a group of about 30 others from the temple on a trip to Vrindavan!!!!

And not just Vrindavan because they would be going on a tour: Vrindavan, Mayapur, Puri, the lot! Anyone who knows me will know that for several years I have been screaming my head off and tearing my hair out about the fact that I have never been to any of the holy dhamas. Here is a perfect opportunity; my first trip would be within a group so I would be "looked after" if I run into any trouble, a responsible devotee will be guiding us around so I can "see the sights" and all, to fulfil a long-cherished ambition of visiting the holy dhamas (especially Navadvip), not to mention coming back with a suitcase full of books! Oh, and the fact that I would get to spend my birthday in the holy dhama.

The trip lasts about 3 weeks and they leave next week. Unfortunately (and yet again!) it was impossible for me to join this group because it would be extremely hard to get a ticket now, most of the people have already had their shots and malaria tablets, what to speak of my own work commitments and so on. Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh! If my friend had informed me earlier about this trip then I could have joined them for sure. This is really a perfect opportunity and I am forced to pass it up. I almost immediately went into a state of gloom.

So I'm really and extremely annoyed about that right now. Very annoyed and completely disappointed. gripe.gif


  • At 05 September, 2006 18:52, Anonymous Myrla said…

    Radhe Radhe

    So I found your site again. Actually i have read your blogs a few times in the past but lost it because I did not put it in my favourites. Now will do.
    Which temple made those Radha's cakes? They look yummy.
    Make the holy dham trip soon, you are missing a lot.

  • At 06 September, 2006 04:03, Blogger "Gaurasundara das" said…

    Radhe! The temple is Bhaktivedanta Manor in England, the one which was donated by George Harrison.

    I am definitely looking forward to the day when I will set off on my journey to Sri Vraja-dhama! Thanks for the good wishes! :-)

  • At 09 October, 2006 20:48, Anonymous dasi said…

    I understand you... In 17 years of my bhakti-yoga "career" I have never visited Dham.

  • At 10 October, 2006 03:38, Blogger "Gaurasundara das" said…

    Wow I feel really humbled in front of that. But not to worry, I'm sure that She won't keep us waiting outside for long..


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