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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New Editor of Gaudiya Kutir Wiki!

You're looking at the newest editor on Gaudiya Kutir Wiki! For some time I've wondered why the work has not progressed enough to contain articles on the main divinities and acharyas of our tradition, and only when I verbalised these thoughts was I offered the chance to contribute. So I took it up!

You can guess what my first contributions will be! Yes, of course, Caitanya Mahaprabhu! :-)



  • At 05 December, 2006 07:39, Anonymous Malati dasi said…

    Radhe Radhe

    Congrats on your involvement -- nice service huh !!

    However, the link Chaitanya Mahaprabhu does not direct to an article about Mahaprabhu.

  • At 05 December, 2006 15:05, Blogger "Gaurasundara das" said…

    Radhe! Because it is a stub and the article hasn't been written yet. :~)

  • At 07 December, 2006 09:56, Anonymous Malati dasi said…

    Is that what you call pre-empting?? :-)

  • At 08 December, 2006 04:12, Blogger "Gaurasundara das" said…

    Hehe. But seriously, it is typical of Wikipedia machinations to reserve a page by stubbing it. It was stubbed for a long time which means that no one has worked on it since the page was created.

    Only when the page is of sufficient quality will the stub be removed and it becomes an official 'article'.


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