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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Kirtaniyah Sada Harih - Radio!

My recent sojourn through the Chakra site let me know of a nice little site that broadcasts kirtans 24/7!!! I especially like the singing of Vaiyasaki das, who I met last Janmastami, he is a wonderful singer in ISKCON.

I've been listening to it while on the PC for the last two days, I'm even listening to it right now.

Listen to it yourself! :-)

Kirtaniyah Sada Harih Internet-Radio - Kirtans and bhajans 24 hours a day!
By the way, this Internet Radio does not play through your Windows Media Player, Winamp or whatever program you use, it plays directly from the browser window. So you will need to keep the browser window open to listen to the kirtans and bhajans.

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  • At 14 February, 2008 23:11, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Here's some favorites websites for devotional music:

    www tirumala org

    www geetatemple net

    www bhaktisangeet com

    www mantraonnet com

    www rudraksha-ratna com

    Here's some fun websites where you can do your own pujas online!

    You can ring bell, light incense, use ghee lamp, apply sindoor, and even make garlands for the Deity on one of them!

    www dfwhindutemple org

    www eprarthana com

    www kytemple org

    With all of these online resources, it's very fun! You can enjoy all the elements of going to a temple but without all the crazy-making aspects of the politics. You can make your own space into sacred space, with virtual Deities and virtual kirtans and bhajans.

    One seer said that the Internet is a boon from the gods. Indeed it can be so and help us in this age of Kali to learn more, increase our devotion, and immerse ourselves in bhajans.

    There's lots more websites also!

    This website in the Shiva Siddhanta tradition shows their daily activities, the temple they are building on site according to traditional Vaastu Sastra, their pilgrimmages to various other temples, and the homas they experience there.

    www gurudeva org

    They also publish Hinduism Today magazine, which is dedicated to the worldwide Hindu Renaissance, and they are the source of HPI [Hindu Press International] as well


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