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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Discussion Distractions

Looks like everyone is getting in a tizzy about Pitambara (Pete) and his new book. I'm not all that impressed with what I've heard so far. I only got around to downloading the book yesterday, and I got as far as the second page before I realised that it wasn't worth much of my time.

I might read it sometime when I'm bored, but I'm afraid "I no feel da revolution vibe".

I got turned off by all the discussion about sex and drugs, but I got mega-angry about the sex and drugs at Radha-kunda part. I mean, how dare he? How dare anyone?

After I heard on GD that some references were made on Sai Baba, I used the 'Find' function to search for the sections. Unbelievable! Pete thinks that Sai Baba is some kind of god! Do Pete's followers share this opinion? If anybody actually reads this, feel free to take a look at a side-project that I indulge in, which should enlighten people about this "avatar".

On the whole, I'm rather sad to see that this topic seems to be taking up everyone's attention at the moment. Looks like not much effort is dedicated to discussing any katha, but discussing the latest 'hot gossip' is something great. Who cares anyway? The guy is obviously a fringie and shouldn't pose much of a challenge to anything orthodox, or even a threat.

Who cares, really?

On another note, since my time is taken up with side-projects and exam revision and so on, I've been a bit lax with updating this blog as well as my own spiritual readings. So I hope that after Wednesday I'll be able to return to my CB readings and perhaps find some nice nuggets to post. Oh yep, and I should get around to getting my guitars re-strung too.


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