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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Reworking Kanupriya Goswami's text

The recent Gaura Purnima festival led me to recall how I typed up a 'first edition' of Srimat Kanupriya Goswami's excellent text on Sriman Mahaprabhu. I had intended to come out with a 'second edition' soon after that - with modernised spellings and corrections, as well as some aesthetic bolsterings - but I guess I got caught up with a lot of other projects.

In any case I should get back around to doing that when I get some free time. I basically need to compile a list of the words which I think are spelling errors, and clarify their spellings (according to HK encoding) with people who are 'in the know' about it. That's one of the main obstacles.

The second thing is to look up the shastric verses and quote them properly, and then last of all I can worry about reformatting the text as a whole with regards to fancy fonts and all. I need a better PDF creation tool than the one I have now, that's for sure!

And people should know what Srimat Kanupriya Goswami had to say!

I find his ideas about Mahaprabhu's Golden Age to be interesting and exciting. But most of all it is reasonable, as opposed to the unreasonable Golden Age theories of some other teachers out there. Unlike the wishy-washy overnight sensations I keep hearing about, Kanupriya Goswami gives solid logic and reasonings as to why the Golden Age will appear, why it hasn't appeared yet, and most of all, the shastric evidences he presnts are astounding.

That's the clincher for me: shastra. Whatever you have to say, it don't mean a thing if you don't got the shastric backup.

This ain't gonna sit well with a few people out there, such as the Advaitins and so on, but I guess they'll just have to come to terms with the fact that they don't know much. The time comes when the child has to leave his daydream fantasies to go and be schooled.


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