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Friday, February 03, 2006

No More Mr. Air Guitar

I'm pleased to say that it's exactly a week since I finally got around to buying a guitar. I'm also impressed with the clarity of the instruction book I bought to help teach me, but the thing I need to learn is that learning to play it takes a lot of practice!

So far I've passed the first exercise; I can now play chords A, D and E! I've also experimented with playing E (minor) and G, but the first three I can play instantly. This qualifies me to play 'Kum bah yah'. Rock on, not!

I mean, come on, even the book says "rock on" in a half-sarcastic half-encouraging way, how lame is that? Your first song is probably one of the most cheesiest things I've ever heard. Though I should be glad in that this should be something of an auspicious start in that I get to play a hymn.

Maybe I can change the lyrics around to suit me; "Kri-i-shnaaa my Lord, Kri-i-shnaaaaaaa!"

Or, hahaha, this just occurred to me, the perfect three-syllabled name; "Chai-tan-yaaa my Lord, Chai-tan-yaaaaaaa!" Nice!

And so on...


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