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Monday, May 29, 2006

Jesus and Zarathustra

I've just started reading two books:

In Search of Zarathustra - Paul Kriwaczek: A literary documentary of Kriwaczek's journey into Iran in a bid to research and find out the influence of Zoroastrianism on the present-day culture of Iran, as well as original research into Zarathustra and the world's arguably most ancient religion. The subtitle of the book is The First Prophet and the ideas that changed the world.' I started this book in order to find out more about Zoroastrianism, a religion which I think makes many good points about human nature and other issues.

Jesus: The Son of Man - Kahlil Gibran: an original re-telling of the story of Jesus Christ, seen through the eyes of many residents of Bethlehem, Galilee and the general Judaea areas. Expect viewpoints on Jesus from Salome, Jesus' grandmother, secret romantic feelings from Mary Magdalene, and wayside potters as well as a host of curious figures! smile.gif This is just meant to be lighter reading from the Zarathustra book, and I picked this one because I am a big fan of Kahlil Gibran and his poetic prose. How's that for a contradiction in terms, 'poetic prose', lol. laugh.gif Gibran writes some very good stuff.


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