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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

CB readings and RKGD

Continuing my readings of Caitanya-bhagavata, I am right upto the point where Krsna incarnates (as Gaurahari) in the bodies of Sri Jagannath Mishra and Sri Saci-mata, and the demigods are offering their praises to Him in the womb or so.

I am enjoying the reading of CB. There is something very vivid about the writing style of Sri Vrndavan das Thakur; everytime I have ever picked up a CB book at random and read it, I have felt as if I was right there in the midst of the lila and surrounded by whatever pastime was going on. Sometimes the excitement got so much that I just had to put the book down to take a breather. It is so amazing, the vivid style of writing.

Even now as I am reading about the imminent birth of Sriman Mahaprabhu, there is a palpable excitement as if a great (VERY great) event is about to take place. The heartbeat accelerates and the breathing becomes more heavier as one keeps reading. It is becoming almost annoying to stop and read the purports, I feel like just reading it straight.

Also, I recently purchased 'Radha-Krsna Ganoddesa Dipika' from the temple, I have this text anyway through the Net but sometimes it is more convenient to have a physical copy for offline reading. On Radhastami it was nice to read the descriptions of Srimati in the said text. I realised how useless I was at remembering the details of Her lovely form, so how could I meditate on Her while doing my japa? How can I meditate on Her in general, if I do not know what she looks like.

So I decided that I had better familiarise myself with the details of Her appearance, as well as everybody elses', just so I can have a better idea of what They all look like, the details about Their forms and so on. But it was nice to chant anyway while remembering how Her pearl necklace reflects or adds shine (can't remember, argh!) shine to the blue sari that She wears. Her nose-jewel, and other things. So beautiful and so glorious.


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