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Monday, October 24, 2005

Awaiting the Heroes' return

I can hardly wait for the return of Madhava and Advaita from Vraj. The level of philosophical/thelogical discussion at GD (or lack thereof) is highly disappointing. Jagat is busy with his niyam-seva and class preparation.

It's awfully quiet at GD. No one seems to be talking much except for a few whispers here and there about practical matters. I've tried to kick-start a few discussions regarding some aspects of siddhanta, but no such luck. I'm surprised that no one seems to have responded to the 'Supremacy of Krishna' topic, which is like 'Point 1a' of Gaudiya siddhanta. I guess I will have to try and find it out for myself by downloading an internet copy of Sri Jiva Gosvami's Krishna-sandarbha.

I don't trust internet copies since they are usually poor translations, but a poor translation is better than any in times of desperation. I'm also not a fan of reading huge documents on the computer. I am essentially an "offline guy" in matters of study. I like to have a physical book in my hand rather than read a virtual document for some hours. I like to interact with people when I'm online; read and respond to posts, write emails, chat on messengers and so on.

Also, as far as my previous brief readings of Krishna-sandarbha have gone, there is a lot of dicussion as regards Krishna's supremacy in relation to the other Vishnu-tattvas. I will have to sift through these types of arguments as I am more interested in the reasoning that is employed behind the belief in Krishna's supremacy. I guess I'll go download it right away.


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