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Saturday, October 15, 2005


Perhaps I spoke a little too soon in regards to preaching. My recent activity in the sakhi-vesh topic will not have helped my case for mellowness very much.

In any case, I am quite disappointed in how the topic has turned out. I noted earlier on that one or more of the sakhi-vesh advocates had already admitted an attachment to the guru in question (Bodo Baba), and so as I noted later how I felt that the arguments in favour of sakhi-vesh seemed to be more rooted in sentimental attachment to Bodo Baba than it was to the siddhanta as presented by Sri Sri Rupa-Sanatan and later Acaryas such as Srimati Jahnava Thakurani and Sri Visvanath Cakravartipada.

It is quite sad to see this, but what can we do? it would be an effort to go through this now, but I'm beginning to realise the presence of a certain mentality among sadhakas as a whole. Not just Gaudiyas, but sadhakas of perhaps every spiritual path out there. A worrying trend of modernity increases the risk of eclipsing the authority and control that was spelled out by the ancients. In this case, attachment to the words and practices of a recent teacher (Bodo Baba) seems to outweigh the words and practices of earlier and foundational Acharyas.

The GAura-nagaris, while being of this ilk, seem to b an entirely different case altogether.


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