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Friday, October 14, 2005


I think I was on the wrong track the other day, when I wrote about preaching. I've realised that I don't feel like that at all. Perhaps it will be an issue that returns periodically to haunt me, but one thing is for sure' I have definitely become more mellow as time has passed.

If I like to "debate" about anything, it would be about some lila or other rather than something "elementary" such as mayavada-bashing, karma, vegetarianism, and the like.

Why does mellowness develop? Is it something to do with age? Does the same thing happen to everybody? Youth is marked by wildness and revolutionary spirit, the "jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel, seeking the bubble reputation even in the canon's mouth" as Shakespeare put it. It could always be something to do with spiritual maturity; the time will come when you will tire of reading 'ABC' and it is time to move onto other things. I think this is true and makes more sense. Everyone is on a journey after all, and you'll pick up some things along the way.

As I continue reading the CB, a lot of questions arise in my mind which often disappear when I put the book down. As I read, I think of topics to start and discuss on GD, envisioning possible replies and all. And just as soon as I put the book down I forget what to write about. Why does that happen?

Maybe I should figure out some way of highlighting select verses so that I don't forget them. I am not keen on using a luminous highlighter pen as some devotees do as I feel that this practice disrespects the shastra. And it doesn't look very good for presentation either. Perhaps I should think about inserting strips of paper to act as bookmarks. At least that way the pages are 'marked' for future reference.


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