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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Madhava's humour

My friend Madhava has an excellent line in humour. I find a lot of his jokes and sarcasm extremely funny, and it often has me rolling in fits of laughter. Sometimes his jokes are way above my head and which I suppose only pundits can understand, which shows his level of knowledge.

Yesterday I visited another forum after a long absence, to find Madhava engaged in a discussion about how Bhagavata 11.5.32 is interpreted to refer to Mahaprabhu. Upon being asked how he knew if Nityananda and Advaita Prabhus were Vishnu-tattva, he remarked:
I checked their ID cards. There was a field right below "Nationality" for "Tattva", and it said "Vishnu" there.
Hahahahahaha! :D


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