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Monday, July 24, 2006

Gaura Padavali

I used to post a lot of padas on the former Gaudiya Discussions forum. Some of them were sent to me from friends in India whereas others were copied (and re-edited) from books, magazines and e-zines.

I'd like to keep a record of the padavalis that I posted here so that I can read and link to them easily. Recently I felt like I wanted to read some of them because, out of the blue, those old tunes started popping into my head today.

I like to read these padas because they have a knack of transporting you into another world where you can get close to the soft and tender heart of Gaudiya Vaishnavism, and see for yourself what it is all about. It's pulsating joy, it's zest for life, it's need to be!

I used to find that whenever I read these padas, a tune popped into my head which fit the lyrics and so I started "singing along" in my mind. Who knows whether they are the real tunes? I have had experiences before where I read some bhajan lyrics and sung them in my head according to what I thought was "my" tune, only to find that "my" tune was actually the real tune when I heard it externally! So who knows, it is nice to sing along to these sweet songs anyhow.

So whatever happened to Yashoda's son?


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